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Our practice has been a part of North County coastal community for over 10 years and counting. We are proud of our long-term relationships with our patients. We value people and health.    We pay attention to detail and care about our patients like they are a part of our family. Millennium Dental is looking forward to having you join our family.


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Our Services

Kid Friendly Office

We take pride in helping our youngest patients have a wonderful experience here at Millennium Dental in Encinitas.

Dr.Baha and his staff look forward to putting kids at ease and educating both the patients and parents along the way. Millennium Dental comforts children by teaching them that there is nothing to fear about dentistry. Additionally, our dental chairs are equipped with televisions, which help kids relax during dental appointments.

Mercury-Free Composite
and Porcelain Fillings

Millennium Dental is mercury free and we do not use any amalgam filling material. Instead, we offer safe composite fillings, which are as strong as mercury and silver fillings, and can be matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask Dr.Baha.

Dental Implants

Dr.Baha and his staff offer a full array of dental implant work.

From assessment to final implementation, Millennium Dental in Encinitas is your source for dental implant procedures. Dental implants are an amazing option for those who are seeking permanent, lasting replacements for missing teeth. Millennium Dental guarantees to provide you with implants that are long lasting and blend seamlessly into your mouth, just like a real tooth.

Oral Surgery

Millennium Dental offers all patients the convenience of having many oral surgery procedures done in-house at our office in Encinitas. Dr.Baha also works with a network of oral surgery specialists that are always a quick referral away. We are devoted to providing you with the best care.


Are you interested in corrective orthodontics?

Invisalign is an amazing alternative to traditional braces. Dr.Baha and his staff will be happy to consult you on whether Invisalign could be right for you. We have been offering this service for over 10 years at Millennium Dental in Encinitas, with spectacular results from our patients.

Root Canals

Dr.Baha has over 20 years of experience of performing root canals throughout his dental career. While root canals may seem intimidating, Millennium Dental in Encinitas promises to make this necessary evil as pain free as possible for every patient.



And Routine Check Ups

Cleanings and check-ups are integral parts of maintaining and monitoring your dental health. Millennium Dental offers both routine and deep cleanings, as well as check-ups and consultations for whitening options to all our patients. Dr.Baha and his staff in Encinitas are happy to assist you in all your dental needs.


And Oral Appliances

If you struggle with teeth-clenching, grinding, or mild cases of Sleep Apnea, a custom mouthguard may be right for you.

Nightguards and oral appliances can help protect your teeth and help you overcome some cases of sleep apnea. Many patients are never even aware they have these types of sleep issues until the damage is severe. Dr.Baha and his skilled staff are ready to assist you in preventing future dental issues. Please visit Millennium Dental in Encinitas for a consultation.



What Our Patients Say About Us

I was so nervous at the thought of having to change dentists, but felt immediately at ease by the friendly staff at Millennium Dental.

Dr.Baha did a great job explaining what he was doing to work on and how he intended to do it.  By the time my procedure was over, I realized I worried for nothing!

I appreciated his explanations, patience, and expertise.   I am completely satisfied with my care and overall experience, and actually look forward to my next visit.

Mrs. E. Dollick San Diego

Hands down the best dentist I have ever been to!!

Dr.Baha makes dental visits easy and pain-free.

The office is clean, people are courteous, the procedures and techniques are modern and well explained.

Dr.Baha gives you the feeling that he is 100% focused on you and your needs, unlike some dentists that seem to run from one patient to another while you sit in the chair waiting.  I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Noel M. Encinitas

Dr.Baha is the most caring and gentle dentist I’ve ever known. I always feel secure and in his ‘golden’ hands. A master an an artist of his craft.
His friendly, mature and qualified staff create an atmosphere of relaxation.
I highly recommend his office.

Dr. Inna Goldberg San Diego

Dr.Baha is an Artist!
He gave me my smile back when I thought there was no hope.
He’s the best.

Cheryl Hansen-Tighe San Diego

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Zobair Baha, DDS

Dr. Zobair Baha, DDS

First and foremost my goal is to keep you healthy. I practice CONSERVATIVE dentistry, meaning we try to keep as much tooth structure as possible. I want you to keep what Mother Nature gave you. I am committed to constantly researching new products, materials, and cutting-edge technologies; and quickly implement them into my practice. I enjoy  continuing  my education and consistently attend weekend seminars to fine tune my skills. I look forward to meeting you soon!"



  • Board of Dental Examiners, State of California  Sacramento, CA
  • Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration  Washington, DC


  • American Heart Assoc, Heart Saver  San Diego, CA
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)


  • Doctor of Dental Surgery  Volgograd Dental School, RUSSIA1981-1987
  • Advanced Clinical Dentistry  Loma Linda School of Dentistry, CA1994-1996


  • Oral Surgery Credentialing/Privileging
  • Endodontic Credentialing/Privileging
  • Endodontic Continuum  UCLA School of Dentistry
  • Mastering Esthetics with All Ceramic Restorations Workshop
  • Comprehensive Esthetic Residency
  • Advanced Fixed Prosthodontics and Occlusion Residency
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Straight Wire Orthodontic Program
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry  Loma Linda School of Dentistry
  • San Diego Advanced Study Group
  • Invisalign Align Tech


  • General Dentist 1987 - Present


Dr. Zobair Baha, DDS



Dental Assistant


Front Office


Dental Assistant
Dr. Kim McLachlan, DMD, MSEd

Dr. Kim McLachlan, DMD, MSEd


               Diplomate American Board of Endodontics – Board Certification                     USA

                     Completion of Board Certification and Diplomate Status                                 May 2004

University of California, Irvine                                                                Irvine, CA

Masters of Business Administrations - Health Care                               December 2000

University of Iowa College of Dentistry                                                   Iowa City, IA

Certificate in Endodontics                                                                    June 1998

University of Pennsylvania - The Dental Care Center                             Philadelphia, PA         Certificate in Advanced Education of General Denistry                              June 1996

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine                            Philadelphia, PA

Doctorate of Medical Dentistry                                                             May 1995

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education                     Philadelphia, PA

Masters of Science - Leadership in Professional Education                  August 1994

St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame                                                              Notre Dame, IN

                           Bachelor of Arts in Economics                                    

               Summer school and Cross-registration University of Notre Dame         May 1991



Experience:             American Association of Endodontists                               1995 – Present

California Dental Association                                              1998 – Present

San Diego County Dental Society                                       1998 – Present

  • Membership Committee


  • Dental Benefits Committee Member and Chairperson - 7 years
  • Journal of Endodontics (JOE) Scientific Advisory Board - 2 years
  • SNODENT AAE Representative – 2 years
  • Ambassador – AAE Toolkit - Present
  • Moderator at AAE Meetings – 1998-Present


  • Delegate to CDA - present
  • Alternate Delegate to CDA – 2years
  • Legislative Committee – 3 years

Seattle Study Club member – 2014-present

American Student Dental Association - Consultant for National Dental Exams

  • ASDA Executive Board for Dental Students Nationwide

American Association of Dental Schools Northeast Regional Delegate and PENN Delegate

  • PENN Student Delegate and Northeast Regional Delegate at AADS Conferences 1993-1995

            American Association of Women Dentists President 1992-1995

  • Reinstated chapter at both Temple and Univ. of Pennsylvania Dental Schools

Student Council Vice President  1994-1995

  • Elected by students to help better their environment and improve their educational experience




Employment and Teaching Experience:

Solo Practitioner                                                                                Encinitas, CA

Own practice                                                                                  2010-present

Mentor                                                                                                            USA

American Board of Endodontics                                                    As needed

Interdent                                                                                             Southern California

Endodontist in Multispecialty offices                                              2002-2010

Lake Elsinore Dental Group                                                               Lake Elsinore, CA

Endodontist in Multispecialty Group                                              1999-present

Desert Specialists                                                                                 Palm Desert, CA

Endodontist in Multispecialty group                                                           1998 -1999

University of Southern California                                                      Los Angeles, CA

  • Applying for teaching position presently

University of  Iowa College of Dentistry                                            Iowa City, IA

  • Instructor at Preclinical and Clinical levels 1-2 days/wk             1996-1998

University of Pennsylvania - The Dental Care Center                                   Philadelphia, PA                    

  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry - General Dentist 1995-1996

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine                      Philadelphia, PA

  • Instructor of Preclinical Dentistry to First and Second Year Students

Department of General Restorative Dentistry - 16 hrs/wk                 1994-1995

Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics/Wharton Bus. School             Philadelphia, PA

  • Research Assistant/Accreditation Researcher/Integral Team Member   1992-1995




K K McLachlan, RE Walton, J Lilly.  Histologic Examination of Mandibular Molars Prepared with Nickel-Titanium Engine Driven Preparation. 1997-1998


K K McLachlan, RE Walton.  Responsiveness of Electric Pulp Testing on Posterior Deciduous Teeth.  1997


K K McLachlan, M Kusienski, M Lefkowitz, B Semmel.  Oral Health Awareness at West Philadelphia Community Center, 1994.

K McLachlan, D Stewart.  Pilot Study of Factors Affecting Postgraduate Practice Location Decisions. 1993, 1994


                                K McLachlan, B Meisner, A Baumritter, C Feldman, D Stewart, R Gopalarao, B Bloom, M Pauly, J Levy, L Moumatz.

Pew National Dental Education Program Evaluation:  Barriers to Change and Leadership Skills Assessment of US Dental School Administration.  Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics.  1993, 1994


D Stewart, C Feldman, A Baumritter, B Meisner, R Gopalarao, J Levy, B Bloom, M Pauly, L Moumatz, K McLachlan. Pew National Dental Education Program Evaluation:  Strategic Directions in US Dental Education.  Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. 1993


  1. Feldman, D Stewart, A Baumritter, B Meisner, R Gopalarao, J Levy, B Bloom, M Pauly, L Moumatz, K McLachlan.

Pew National Dental Education Program Evaluation:  Strategic Planning in US Dental Education.  Leonard Davis Institue of Health Economics. 1993


A Baumritter, C Feldman, D Stewart, J Levy, B Meisner, R Gopalaroa, B Bloom, M Pauly, L Moumatz,  K McLachlanPew National Dental Education Program Evaluation:  Effects to Date.  Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics.  1993



Awards:      CDA Delegate, 2014, 2015

Nomination for District VII Director, 2011

                     Ambassador for AAE Toolkit, 2011  

  • University of Iowa Graduate Student Fellowship Award, 1996-1997, 1997-1998
  • University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Scholarship, 1991-1995
  • University of Pennsylvania Research Fellowship, 1993
  • Philadelphia County Dental Society Scholarship, 1994
  • Pennsylvania Dental Foundation Scholarship, 1994
  • Community Relations Award, 1995


Dr. Kim McLachlan, DMD, MSEd



Meredith joined Millennium Dental family in 2015.
She is originally from, and went to hygiene school in, New England.
Meredith has practiced for 8 years in New Hampshire, and has now been living in North County for the past 5 years.
She enjoys playing beach volleyball, hiking and stand up paddle boarding!




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