Our Services


Are you interested in corrective orthodontics?

Invisalign is an amazing alternative to traditional braces. Dr.Baha and his staff will be happy to consult you on whether Invisalign could be right for you. We have been offering this service for over 10 years at Millennium Dental in Encinitas, with spectacular results from our patients.

Nightguards And Oral Appliances

If you struggle with teeth-clenching, grinding, or mild cases of Sleep Apnea, a custom mouthguard may be right for you.

Nightguards and oral appliances can help protect your teeth and help you overcome some cases of sleep apnea. Many patients are never even aware they have these types of sleep issues until the damage is severe. Dr.Baha and his skilled staff are ready to assist you in preventing future dental issues. Please visit Millennium Dental in Encinitas for a consultation.

Mercury-Free Composite and Porcelain Fillings

Millennium Dental is mercury free and we do not use any amalgam filling material. Instead, we offer safe composite fillings, which are as strong as mercury and silver fillings, and can be matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask Dr.Baha.

Cleanings And Routine Check Ups

Cleanings and check-ups are integral parts of maintaining and monitoring your dental health. Millennium Dental offers both routine and deep cleanings, as well as check-ups and consultations for whitening options to all our patients. Dr.Baha and his staff in Encinitas are happy to assist you in all your dental needs.