Dental Implants Encinitas CA

Dr.Baha and his staff offer a full array of dental implant work.

From assessment to final implementation, Millennium Dental in Encinitas is your source for dental implant procedures. Dental implants are an amazing option for those who are seeking permanent, lasting replacements for missing teeth. Millennium Dental guarantees to provide you with implants that are long lasting and blend seamlessly into your mouth, just like a real tooth.

What is a Dental Implant

Dental implants are available in endosteal and subperiosteal varieties, each of which is intended to provide you with a more complete smile. The difference between these two types of dental implants lies in the way in which they are attached:
Endosteal dental implants are fitted into the jawbone to provide the greatest possible strength for the attachment.
Subperiosteal dental implants are alternatives designed for people with significant bone loss. These advanced dental implants are positioned precisely within the gums to provide support for crowns and bridges.
Dental implants provide the internal support needed for replacement teeth and crowns. This can ensure the most secure and durable results for these cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Dental Implant Procedure Steps

When preparing for your dental implants procedure, your dentist may recommend prescription medications or oral surgery to prepare your jaw and gums. The method used to perform your dental implants procedure will vary depending on the condition of your jaw:
Endosteal procedures require your dentist to make a small hole in your jawbone to insert the dental implants. This provides the most secure connection for dental prosthetics.
Subperiosteal procedures involve securing your dental implants in the tissues of your gum. These implants typically require a longer healing period and are designed for patients who have experienced significant bone loss in their jaw areas.
After your dental implants procedure, you may experience discomfort or pain for a short period of time. Your dentist will recommend prescription or over-the-counter medicines to manage this pain effectively. Once the incision site has healed and your dental implants are ready, your permanent crown or bridge will be attached to these anchor points to provide you with a more beautiful smile.