Welcome to the New Year, New Decade & …

New & improved Millennium Dental. Yes, you read that right. We learned a lot in 2019 and we are making some great improvements to our office this year. Dr. Baha had countless hours of continuing education last year and is excited to implement more of the latest techniques in dental implants. If you don’t recall our super star assistant, Aniceto (who has been Dr. Baha’s assistant for over 15+ years) said “2020 is going to be our best year yet!” and we are going to hold him to it.

Patient care is our priority and the A-Team upfront, Jill and Amanda are making sure we exceed our patients expectations and more. Jill will be your go-to-gal for any appointment or treatment related questions. Amanda will be happy to assist you in any insurance and billing questions. Both are great and well versed and they have the best interest of the patient in mind. To start this year off right we would like to offer our patients a complimentary fluoride treatment (value of $38.00) when you book your hygiene appointment in the month of February. Contact our office to take advantage of this offer before Feb 27.

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