The Mouth’s Natural Antibiotics

Each of us may have inside our mouths a key to the pathological and disease biomarker library hidden inside our bodies. Saliva – the source of all this information – is the secretory product of glands located in or around the oral cavity. If we could read the stories of diagnostic information present within saliva, then the abundance of information waiting to be found could be comparable to a vast vault of information such as the internet. The relationship between salivation and behaviors within our daily lives is undeniable. Yet most people never appreciate the uniqueness of saliva. Throughout the world, saliva carries definite positive and negative connotations with it based upon its social, psychological, behavioral, and cultural settings. The thought of saliva may be viewed as grotesque in one population, yet conversely it may be the vehicle of blessing in other cultures. Saliva’s double nature brings up some interesting cultural, social, behavioral, and psychological points about how saliva is perceived in the world, some of which are stated below in order to present saliva as the spirited fluid it is.

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